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Solar Battery Storage

Seamless Backup Power

Make the most of your solar system performance by pairing it with a backup storage solution. Build Brothers offers simple, but powerful energy storage solutions for residential and commercial customers. Our mission is to help you manage your energy use, reduce peak-time charges, and maximize your use of solar.

Solar Battery Storage

SunPower Solar Battery Storage

In your home, power is everything. Keeping the lights on at night—and food fresh in the refrigerator—is more than a luxury. It represents safety, freedom, and control. And with SunVault™ Storage, you can maintain safety and freedom inside your home, regardless of what happens outside of it.

How solar + storage works

Watch this short video to see how combining a SunPower solar system with SunPower® SunVault™ Solar Battery Storage can power your home with cleaner energy, lower your electric bills and keep the lights on when grid power goes out.

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Solar & Roofing

Solar and Roofing

Roofing and solar is a perfect marriage. We are one of the only companies that can install your roof, put solar on top of it and still maintain that lifetime warranty of your roof; all while paying no money out of pocket!. Build Bros redefines your relationship with energy. Save money. Minimize your carbon footprint. Take control of your power costs today!


Solar Installation

Are you looking for a way to cut down on your energy consumption? There are many options on the market, but solar panels are one of the most eco-friendly options. Solar panel installation is a simple process that can save you loads of money.


Residential & Commercial Roofing 

Build Brothers is also a licensed roofing contractor and has been providing roofing services to San Diego for years. From our local owners, installers, and outreach and enrollment specialists, we are one of the most established and trusted names for roofing services in San Diego County.