Let The Sun Save You $

Solar panels can now be seen just about everywhere.  Have you ever wondered if panels can work for your home or business?  Many who have made the leap to solar are benefiting from huge savings on their energy bill, some even eliminating their power bill all together!

To find out more or learn if your property is a good candidate for solar fill out the form on this page to get a free evaluation and estimate at your home or business.

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    We would definitely recommend RePower SDS Roofing as they were exceptionally professional. We selected them to re-roof our home and Ed was very knowledgeable and helpful in organizing the project. Rain delayed the progress, but the crew really worked hard to complete the job as quickly as possible. Always on time, very concerned about keeping the area around the house as clean as possible during the project each work day, and all of the crew members seemed to be very dedicated to doing the best job.

    Hank D.San Diego, Ca