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Transform Your Space with Solar Energy

At Build Brothers Inc, we pride ourselves on being an energy-efficient solar company, providing homeowners and business owners with energy-efficient solutions that we even use in our own homes. We use systems from SunPower, an American energy company that manufactures the world’s most efficient solar panels. Let the sun save you money! With solar panels, you can convert the sun’s rays into energy and lower your monthly energy bills.

The Solar Installation Process in 8 Steps

Step One: Panel Layout and Preparation

At this early phase of the installation process, our solar installers will inspect your home’s electrical system in order to find the best possible location to mount the hardware for your solar panels. At this stage, we also check your electrical panel to make sure it fits all codes and doesn’t need an upgrade. Once we find the best place to set your solar panels on your roof, we lay out the panels based on the measurements and specifications of your roof.

Step Two: Mapping Electrical Conduit Pathways

After we have figured out the solar panel layout, we design a solar plan that meets your local fire and safety specifications. The plan includes the location of the panels, the mapping of your electrical system, and how everything will be interconnected. Our solar installers will then submit these plans to the local county permitting department and utility companies. We will keep you updated on the progress and let you know when to schedule the installation.

Step Three: Homeowner Approval

We will keep you updated on the progress of the design plan with the county permitting department and let you know when to schedule the installation. Throughout the project, we will make sure you are completely satisfied with your solar panel process. As a family-owned roofing and solar company, your satisfaction is our top priority, and we want to make sure all your questions are asked and answered.

Step Four: Standoff/Rail Installation

Next, our solar installers will install standoffs to the roof. The standoffs are used as a method of support for rails which the solar panels are placed on. Standoffs allow air circulation between your roof and the solar panels so the panels themselves remain cool.

Step Five: Optimizer/Microinverter Installation

Get the most out of your solar panel system with our optimizer/microinverter installation. Optimizers use direct current (DC) energy and deliver it to the alternating current (AC) energy. This optimizes the efficiency of your inverter to convert power into usable energy for your home or business. These power optimizers are best when your roof is covered in shade, or it is north facing. Microinverters function almost the exact same way and choosing the right optimizer/microinverter is crucial when transforming energy into a form of electricity that your home can use. Our solar installer will perfectly place your optimizer/microinverter beneath each solar panel to maximize the conversion of DC energy to AC energy.

Step Six: Inverter Monitoring and Electrical Conduit

After the solar panels are installed on your residential or commercial roof, we mount inverter monitoring and electrical conduit equipment. Electrical wires run through these conduits from the solar panels to your home on the outside of your home. Conduits can be easily concealed by painting them to match the color of the home.

Step Seven: System Testing

At this stage, we want to test your system to make sure it’s in fully functioning condition. We perform system testing to make sure all conduits, electrical systems, optimizers, microinverters, standoffs, rails, and panels are installed correctly so you can fully enjoy your solar panels.

Step Eight: Final Walkthrough

The final step to the solar installation process is the final walkthrough. Each county has its own final inspection of your solar panel installation. The inspector will make sure the installation was done correctly and with the guidance of the granted permit. Once the walkthrough is over, the county inspector will sign off on the installation and you can finally experience all the benefits of solar panel installation.

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We are one of the very few companies in the San Diego, CA area that can install a new roof on your commercial or residential property, install solar panels onto it, and still provide a lifetime warranty on the roof. Let us use our expertise for your solar installation process.

Give us a call today to discuss your solar installation process. We are proud to serve those throughout the Carlsbad, CA; Chula Vista, CA; El Cajon, CA; Encinitas, CA; Escondido, CA; La Jolla, CA; Mira Mesa, CA; Oceanside, CA; Poway, CA; and San Diego, CA areas.