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Build Brothers Inc.

Commercial and Residential Roofing Company

Have you ever thought about giving your roof a brand-new look, but you are looking for a reason why?  There are many reasons for having a home remodeling project that involves repairing or replacing your roof. Most of these reasons revolve around safety and precautionary measures. Lucky for you, Build Brothers Inc. is a roofing company in Mission Beach that will provide you with a set of ideas on why you should even give priority to your roof in the first place. There are a lot of ways on how you can improve your house’s look by making changes to your roof. This can be in the form of replacing the shingles, getting rid of dents and holes, changing the entire layout of the roof, and so forth. With Build Brothers Inc.’s help in providing commercial and residential roofing solutions, you won’t be left wondering why you need to give attention to your roof.

One of the greatest benefits of having your roof replaced is that it increases your home’s value and minimizes the potential risks it poses to your environment. Not only will you feel more comfortable living in your home under a sturdy and durable roof as you perform your morning routines, but you are also investing for a much higher pike point when you sell your property. Just like other people out there, the first thing visible for them is the roof, because it says a lot about the house’s condition. A home with a good condition and the neatly repaired roof does not only sell quicker, but it sells with a very high price point. So it’s crucial to hire a professional roofer in Mission Beach to get the job done right. Build Brothers Inc. focuses on the quality of its roofers’ work to ensure that everything will go according to plan.

Having your roof replaced also allows you to customize the layout of it. This can be very beneficial for home remodeling projects. You will be able to plot out the attic layout and create more space, so you can move freely to do your thing, and so that the room doesn’t feel so much cramped when using it. Build Brothers Inc. provides services such as roof replacement in Mission Beach, wherein you can choose from a wide array of materials to replace your current roof with.

Are you more interested in having an energy-efficient house? You can do so by having solar panels on your roof. Having your roof installed with solar panels provides you with an opening to grab that opportunity to save more money. If you are considering installing energy-efficient solar panels on your roof, it is highly recommended to have professionals take care of the task. Build Brothers Inc. is a reputable company that handles residential solar panels installation Mission Beach, ensuring that your solar panels will be entirely on the right spot placed and installed securely.

Build Brothers Inc. now offers its services to residential homes and commercial shops at Mission Beach. Our services range from commercial roofing services: roof repair, roof replacement, material replacement, roof maintenance, and solar panel installation; up to residential roofing services such as roof repair, roof replacement, roof customization, and installation of solar panels. Who doesn’t want to feel safer and more secure in their home? Live without having to worry about risks and hazards by giving Build Brothers Inc. a call today!

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Solar & Roofing

Solar and Roofing

Roofing and solar is a perfect marriage. We are one of the only companies that can install your roof, put solar on top of it and still maintain that lifetime warranty of your roof; all while paying no money out of pocket!. Build Bros redefines your relationship with energy. Save money. Minimize your carbon footprint. Take control of your power costs today!


Solar Installation

Are you looking for a way to cut down on your energy consumption? There are many options on the market, but solar panels are one of the most eco-friendly options. Solar panel installation is a simple process that can save you loads of money.


Residential & Commercial Roofing 

Build Brothers is also a licensed roofing contractor and has been providing roofing services to San Diego for years. From our local owners, installers, and outreach and enrollment specialists, we are one of the most established and trusted names for roofing services in San Diego County.

These guys did a fantastic job on our solar project also looping in HVAC and a new electric panel for our house. From initial meeting with Tyler and Ian they did exactly what they said they would do. Since the system was installed a couple months ago the offset has been greater than we had planned and that was unexpected given the winter months. We were shooting for 130% offset and we are above that in the middle of winter.

Great app on my phone to track the daily production. The guys that did the install of the panels and HVAC were great too very fast and professional. Great product and great team highly recommend.

Aaron HLa Jolla, CA